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Drag and Fire organizes your desktop, so that you can access your most frequently-used programs, files and Web Sites with greater ease.

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My name is Emily, I am 13 years oldand I have been using Drag and Fire for 2 years. Drag and Fire is a great program that is made for people of all ages to use. You can do many things with Drag and Fire. You can save all of your favorite websites on it so you are able to go to themeasily, you can keep shortcuts of programs you use often on it so they are easy to access, and much, much more. Drag and Fire is my favorite "utility" mainly because it is easy to use, it organizes all of your files, icons, and websites, and it is so well put together. Craig Zehnder has done a fantastic job on putting this product together.

Emily F.


"Drag and Fire is a desk top tool that I rely on to manage my business. Drag and Fire allows me to organize my Windows desk top the way I operate my recruiting business. With ease I can create a menu for each of my clients, adding documents, worksheets, contact tracking software, and internet website access unique for each client. I am able to instantly move from one client's environment to another as I handle inquiries."

"The product installs quickly, without any negative impact to the Windows software. The access to the internet is particularly useful now that I need not search through my "favorites" list for a client site."

"I recommend this product to anyone who uses their computer for business."

Jerry Schabes
Evergreen Consulting, Inc.


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